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What does mobile security look like for 2017? We're going to be honest: There are a lot of changes. Here's what to expect.
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If 2016 has taught us one thing about technology, it's that your mobile data is not safe — and healthcare is no exception. The increase of mobile...
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Hi all! My name is Pablo Sole, and I’m VP of Research at Avast Mobile Enterprise. Think of me as the Chief Hacker.
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What's the hottest time of year for hacking mobile devices and stealing identities? The stretch between Black Friday and Christmas.
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When you build a new technology that solves a real problem, you want to extol its virtues to the world and hopefully, save companies some...
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Some call it "feedback." Some call it "the postmortem." Everyone knows what it is — that time at the end of a project or period where you take...
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We’re often on this blog extolling the virtues of our own technology. It seems that the government has caught on as well. NIST (National Institute...
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Technology always changes things. It's expected — and companies that have weathered the past couple decades are used to moving with the tides. But...
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To all of you mobile security specialists: If you ever need to give someone a scare, check out this live inforgraphic from  Information is...
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