Virtual Mobile Devices in Industry

Learn how virtual mobile devices solve real problems in a wide range of sectors

Avast VMP helps enterprises of all sizes keep mobile workers productive, and yet is incredibly simple for IT to set up and maintain.

Key Features:
  • 100% streaming architecture ensures mobile devices can't expose corporate IP to risks of loss or theft

  • Familiar mobile interfaces that reduce support overhead and increase employee satisfaction

  • Role-based access controls that help secure apps and data and assists with regulatory compliance (e.g. SOX, HIPAA and FINRA)

  • Lightweight, patented above-OS virtualization for mobile operating systems that reduces costs to deploy business apps compared to full VDI

  • Single point of management for thousands of mobile devices; server-side apps upgrades are applied to all users simultaneously

Financial Services

Avast VMP's 100% streaming architecture provides a level of security unmatched by any mobile device management solution.  It is an ideal fit for financial services companies, who can use it to:

  • Protect confidential client data by only streaming views of data from corporate servers behind firewall protection
  • Host secure communications between employees on the corporate network - IM, voice and email - with audit trails for compliance reporting
  • Profile third-party apps to detect and prevent data leakage
  • Deploy internally-developed apps to any device, company or employee-owned, without releasing the application binary
  • Simplify disaster recovery with virtual mobile devices that can be accessed securely, even from unsecured terminals or devices

Health Care and Pharmaceutical

Avast VMP provides an optimal solution for access to electronic health records (EHR) and mHealth apps. With Avast VMP, health care organizations can:

  • Maintain patient privacy with electronic protected health information (ePHI) secured at all times behind corporate firewalls
  • Enable health care professionals to chart from the field, directly uploading pictures and other rich content to EHR and mHealth apps without them being stored on mobile devices
  • Control where and how EHR can be accessed through geo-fencing and network restrictions
  • Provide a secure way for doctors, administrators and third parties to collaborate in delivering care

Industrial and Manufacturing

Enterprise mobility enabled by Avast VMP allows executives in industrial and manufacturing companies to:

  • React quickly to evolving business needs from anywhere in the world
  • Access critical business information such as production schedules or pricing data in ERP systems in realtime
  • Save costs by delivering business apps through virtual mobile devices instead of a full virtual desktop
  • Secure corporate data from falling into competitive hands, even if a device is lost or stolen

Government and Public Sector

Government and public sector organizations have unique requirements owing to the highly sensitive nature of the data workers need to access. Governments and public sector organizations can leverage Avast VMP to:

  • Protect confidential data by streaming views of that data, never transmitting the actual data
  • Enable security in cross-domain networks and provide access to air-gapped networks
  • Speed up disaster response by enabling workers to access their virtual mobile devices from any device and over any network