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High-reward is often the mantra in financial services, but not when it comes to enterprise mobile security. Financial services organizations rank among the most popular targets and bear the highest cost per breach rates among vertical markets. (Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach 2016)

Financial services security leads new technology adoption, and mobile is no different. If you’re a software vendor developing mobile apps for trading, a bank building purpose-built apps for payments, a prime brokerage, in research, or an exchange that provides pre-configured mobile devices to a specific group of users, you need to ensure the security of critical financial data on mobile devices.

And this list does not cover the dozens of apps that your employees use on a daily basis to conduct business including Salesforce, Tmobile, SAP, or Oracle Financials.

Data protection is paramount, but must be balanced with compelling, functional mobile apps that enhance productivity and maintain a seamless user experience. How do you win in an environment with tens or hundreds of different mobile devices and operating systems, thousands of apps, and careless users? Make sure your data never resides on the device. Virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) is the key.



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Empower your employees––protect your data.
  • Learn how your current solution leaves you exposed
  • See what your employees are really doing with your data
  • Understand hot-button stats affecting mobile security right now
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Virtual Mobile Platform Features


Protect high-value IP

No data is ever stored on the device, eliminating the risk of data compromise


Secure communications

Intercept-proof voice and text messaging with full IT logging and tracking


Simplify compliance

Audit-ready trail of all mobile app activity by each user


Ensure employee privacy

Complete separation of personal and business apps protects everyone


Eliminate data leakage

Worry-free app deployment on any device with virtual streaming technology


Maintain complete data control

IT-owned management of all aspects of app deployment and usage

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