​Why Avast Virtual Mobile Platform?

The physical boundaries of the enterprise are disappearing, and this shift is introducing new security risks to businesses as corporate data moves beyond the corporate network perimeter. Avast VMP is an enterprise mobile solution that enables secure provisioning of custom and commercial mobile apps on any mobile device.
  • Security
  • IT Control
  • User privacy
  • Simple deployment
  • Scalability
  • User experience

​What Sets Avast Virtual Mobile Platform Apart?

With Avast VMP, enterprises can significantly increase employee productivity and vastly improve the management of the entire mobile workforce.  Avast VMP provides 
total security and user privacy, dramatically enhances usability, and simplifies the manageability of enterprise mobile solutions, removing the barriers that can prevent successful deployments.

Avast VMP eliminates the security concerns associated with enterprise mobile solutions - including data leakage, lack of access control, and advanced persistent threats.

  • Sensitive data is never stored on the end device: lost or stolen smartphones and tablets won’t expose company data.
  • User data and corporate data are kept separate; reduces employee resistance to BYOD programs.
  • Non-persistent virtual instances eliminate malware risk.
  • Enables comprehensive security controls for custom or 3rd party mobile apps including geofencing, user/group provisioning.

Avast VMP provides secure access to business-critical mobile apps, with complete visibility and control over access and usage. Since there are no physical devices to keep track of, thousands of corporate apps can be updated with a single click, without regard to device type or software versions.

  • Single pane of glass management: IT can monitor the use of mobile apps, including which apps are being used, how they are used, and for how long.
  • Easy onboarding: App store functionality to update apps, apply security patches, and update settings.
  • Simplified reporting: Quick data export for compliance, SIEM integration and more.
  • No modification or wrapping of apps is required. App binaries are never delivered to end-devices, so in-house apps can be deployed to employees while protecting key corporate IP.

User experience remains one of the biggest employee complaints with enterprise mobile solutions. Avast VMP eliminates major objections and increases employee compliance to corporate policies.

  • Native performance and ultimate responsiveness using advanced streaming technologies that adapt to network conditions.
  • Familiar mobile interfaces and touch controls that users expect and understand.
  • Streamlined user onboarding with Avast VMP’s auto-configuration features.

Wrappers, Containers, MDMs, MAMs, & VDI

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